The mission of the Fast Freddie Foundation is to teach life skills through cycling. We provide new bikes and helmets, maintenance skills, and safety skills to low income children. We partner with low income housing developers and other local non-profits to ensure that every child has the opportunity to create their own personal successes. The Fast Freddie Cycle Club is how we promote the mission of the FF Foundation in the cycling community.   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


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To enhance the physical, ethical, and life development of kids we develop programs as well as partner with similar organizations and programs that focus on giving kids the skills and tools for realizing their dreams.


The Fast Freddie Foundation and the Morgan Stanley Cycling Team host the annual fall event that raises funds for bike and helmet purchases from Specialized Bikes. Through this program, we have been able to donate thousands of bikes to the under served children of the greater Bay Area. 


The EBIA is the only middle school in the East Bay with a bike repair and maintenance class. We are partnering with them to refurbish bikes to give to needy families in the Oakland area. The FFF is providing them with the bikes and the students are refurbishing and distributing the bikes as part of their focus on community service.


We have launched a partnership program with low income housing developers (LIHD) to provide bicycles and helmets to their child residents. This allows us to be engaged with the children on a longitudinal basis and ensures that the children are getting the greatest benefit from their bicycle. We are partnering with other local non-profits to provide skill and safety classes at the housing projects. Once the children are street safe, they can participate in group cycling outings.


Safety is paramount when teaching youth to ride around cars and pedestrians. We believe that being as visible as possible increases bicycle safety and enjoyment.We partner with youth cycling programs to distribute lights and/or bicycle safety flags for kids of all ages.


The goal of the Junior Racing Program is to activate at-risk and low income youth to lead healthy lives through track cycling. Our program enables cross-cultural and socioeconomic experiences, perspectives and relationships. It provides equal access for all to participate regardless of background. We showcase positive role models. Build communities of program participants, world class athletes, sponsors, caring adults and others.


Tieni Duro is a Lafayette, California-based Junior Cycling Development Team that was founded in 2002 with the goal of getting as many kids on bikes as possible and teaching them how to become competitive athletes and high-performing young men and women.  Tieni Duro has grown organically through the commitment of its founders, coaches, and supporters to produce California State and U.S. National champions. Tieni Duro is open to kids of all abilities.


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A special blend created to benefit the Fast Freddie Foundation by McLaughlin Coffee.

For every 12oz bag you buy,  $1.00 is donated to the foundation by McLaughlin Coffee and for every 5-pound bag, $5.00 gets donated. Learn more about this great cause at the Fast Freddie Foundation